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  Deliwha Clock & Watch Co., Ltd.  
9 years

Company Profile
Deliwha Clock & Watch CO., LTD. Established on 1989 in the begging we are famous by manufacturing, supplying professional IC module for clocks. We had working in this field for almost 20 years and adhere to diversified management, now we are a professional manufacture of all kind of wall clocks, table clocks, alarm clocks, digital clocks, musical clock and consumer electronics goods.
Deliwha Clock & Watch CO., LTD. Also develop domestic and overseas market actively. We manage our own brand "GUTEN" "TICKAWAY" and "JEBELY" from 1990, set up sales network in China domestic market, specialized in providing all kind of time pieces. Headquarter in Dongguan, Guangdong and branch office on Shanghai. Also we work with our overseas agents concentrate in operate branding business and make effort in enlarge and introduce our brand to whole world, 13 countries.

 Office Address : The First Industrial District of Ma Tigang
Dongguan City
 Telephone : 86-769-8561 9210 ext.1304
 Fax : 86-769-8561 9220
 Email : Contact Now
 Our Website :
 Other Website :
 Main Products : Wall Clock, Desk Clock, Wooden Clock, Alarm Clock, Decorative Clock, Table Clocks, Digital Clocks, Musical Clock ,Gift Clock,Pendulum Clock,Rotating Clock and LCD Didplay Clock
 Brand Name(s)
/Trademark :
GUTEN / Jebely / Tickaway
 Head Office : Taiwan
 Year of Establish : 1989
Nature of Business: Manufacturing, Import, Export
Industry : Watches & Clocks
Major Export
Markets :
Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, South East Asia
JB3102-A (Wall Clock)

JB3102-A (Wall Clock)
DLW6502-4 (Alarm Clock)
JB2108-A (Wall Clock)
JB3104-A (Wall Clock)
JB3103-A (Wall Clock)
JB3102-B (Wall Clock)
JB3101-B (Wall Clock)
JB3101-A (Wall Clock)
JB2111-A (Wall Clock)
JB2110-A (Wall Clock)
JB2109-A (Wall Clock)
JB2107-A (Wall Clock)
JB2106-A (Wall Clock)
JB2105-A (Wall Clock)
JB2103-A (Wall Clock)
JB2102-A (Wall Clock)
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